Humega 930
Humega 930
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Humega 930

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What is BioFlora® Humega®?

Humega® is a biologically advanced microbially enhanced humic acid with a carbon base that facilitates soil tilth and boosts microbial activity. At BioFlora® we utilize a patented proprietary extraction process that aids in maximizing the amounts of organic acids and other unique characteristics that we are able to procure. What we do know, organic acids have been proven to increase rate and percentage of seed germination, stimulate plant growth, amplify root system development, increase biomass yield and provide many other benefits that science is only beginning to grasp.

Carbon complexes, carbohydrates and other essential nutrients in Humega®allow it to immediately
stimulate soil microbial activity. Within a very short time period, soils can begin to recover from decades
of over-chemicalization. Working with Humega®
will benefit any soil type, anywhere in the world. It is a soil recovery product essential to organic and conventional growers.

Why is Humega’s 4% humic acid superior to other humic acids on the market with higher percentages?
Humega® guarantees a 4% humic acid that is highly bioavailable due to its patented extraction process
(non-KOH) that allows Humega®to be microbially active with the diversity of ~1,900 natural occurring species. This is in stark contrast from other humic acids in the market with higher percentages of humic acid that use the Potassium Hydroxide extraction method (aka the classic method) so they can achieve a higher percentage of humic acid. The classic KOH extraction method decimates all the beneficial microorganisms therefore losing the critical microbial diversity along with its bioavailability benefits.

Humega®not only enriches the soil with microbial diversity but enhances soil health as well.

What are some of the benefits of Humega®?
• Amplifies root system development
• Stimulates microbial activity
• Increases biomass yield
• Promotes soil structure (opens aggregates)
• Improves permeability and aeration
• Enhances water holding capacity (WHC)
• Provides food for soil microorganisms
• Buffers soil pH and sodium problems
• Builds soils for healthier and more substantial yields
• Improves soil structure and fertility