Probiotic Scrubber SR
Probiotic Scrubber SR
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Probiotic Scrubber SR

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ProBiotic Scrubber® SR is a secret blend of seaweed, blue-green algae, and micronutrients that fight fairy ring, molds and fungi.

ProBiotic Scrubber® SR is trusted by professional greenskeepers and turf growers to remove fairy ring without harmful fungicides or chemicals.

Whether you want a stunning golf course, great turf, or a beautiful lawn, Probiotic Scrubber® SR is the product for you.

Additional sizes include: (2) 2.5-gallon F-style jugs, 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, and 330-gallon totes (call for pricing).

Professional-grade products give professional-grade results.


ProBiotic Scrubber® SR is a natural blend of microbes and enzymes designed to enhance plant growth and increase decomposition of organic and inorganic materials. ProBiotic Scrubber® SR is a liquid inoculant that contains a proprietary combination of naturally occurring beneficial soil amendments from a proprietary blend of seaweed, blue green algae, minerals and micronutrients. ProBiotic Scrubber® SR is a scientific formulation of bio-stimulants, enzymes, amino acids, and vitamins, which enhances the biological degradation of contaminants and petroleum compounds in soil.

ProBiotic Scrubber® SR is used to treat pathogens and contaminants in soils including: hydro-carbon spills, molds, fungi and fairy ring.


Avg 8.7 lb per gallon

Application Instructions

Mix one gallon of ProBiotic Scrubber® SR with 5 to 8 gallons of non-chlorinated water. Apply mixture directly on the affected area. Cover an area approximately 4 to 6 inches on each side of the affected area. Be sure to saturate the contaminated area. 7 to 10 days after initial treatment apply a quality organic based fertilizer to the entire area to even the color of the surrounding plants.

Product Support

Consult your BioLynceus® sales representative for product support, additional application information and current pricing.


Use alone or with BioLynceus® products. Jar test for compatibility before mixing. Shake or circulate before use. Timing and frequency of application should be based on soil and tissue testing.

Storage and Handling

Best if used within 6 months of purchase. Avoid excessive heat. Store in original container in a cold dry place out of direct sunlight. In case of accidental exposure, flush with water. Product is non-hazardous. May stain clothing. Wear eye protection. Protective gloves recommended. Do not allow product to freeze.