Probiotic Scrubber PP
Probiotic Scrubber PP
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Probiotic Scrubber PP

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ProBiotic Scrubber® PP is a natural liquid bio-augmentation formulation designed to increase decomposition of organic and inorganic materials.

ProBiotic Scrubber® PP is a diverse consortium of beneficial bacteria with a high concentration of hydrocarbon degraders.


Derived from kelp, blue-green algae, minerals, micronutrients and naturally occurring bacteria.


8.30 lb per gallon
0.99 kg per liter


It is recommended that the product be used within 6 months of purchase. Avoid excessive heat. Avoid direct sunlight. Do not allow product to freeze.


Product is non-hazardous. In case of accidental exposure, flush with water. Refer to SDS.

Application Instructions

Application rates require an application strategy by a BioLynceus® representative for this product. All application details and project scope for the use of this product is only available from a BioLynceus® representative due to the complexity of different sites and the different types of contamination.

Application & Program Efficacy

This is a specialty blend that is premixed for the prescribed application. Product should be used within six months of date of purchase. Product contains bio-stimulants, nutrients and natural occurring microbiology and should be used as prescribed by your BioLynceus® representative. For any questions about the program application and site specific strategies to improve the degradation of contaminants, please consult with your BioLynceus® representative.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides natural materials to remediate Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG).
  • Provides effective remediation of floating product in water and wastewater streams.
  • Is a suitable solution for Nocardia and FOG related foaming.
  • Does not contain materials that are toxic or harmful to the environment.
  • Provides a natural solution for reduction of most hydrocarbon based contaminants.
  • Can be used to remediate industrial contaminants.